Riddle Family - Almond Blossom 2020

July 01, 2020  •  6 Comments

This year was our very first year offering almond blossom sessions for families in our area, mind you, almond blossom has its' own season of celebrations where we're from here in the Central Valley of California. It's kind of a big deal and most families have their photos taken among the "valley snow" every year in early Spring when the flowers are in full bloom. We were so very grateful that a local family friend offered for us to use their orchard as a location to photograph various local families under the trees. 


Tracey and Matt were our first clients out in the orchard and we absolutely fell in love with their family! They are part of the Ripon community and have four children who are kind, polite, and most importantly they know how to have fun! In our business we pride ourselves upon building strong relationships with our clients. The Riddle family was such a joy to work with and we cannot wait to watch their family grow and hopefully capture the memories for them along the way! Thank you Tracey and Matt for having faith in us to be a part of your treasured family memories!


Alyssa + Steven - San Francisco City Hall Wedding

June 08, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

A city hall wedding is so magical when it is held in the beautiful city of San Francisco and when the two newlyweds are glowing in love. Alyssa and Steven's wedding kicked off the 2020 year for us and although the wedding day was short and sweet, we captured so many beautiful images of these two. San Francisco's City Hall has incredible architecture that acted as the backdrop as Alyssa and Steven exchanged their vows. The sunlight beamed in through the top story's grand windows as Alyssa grinned from ear to ear staring into Steven's eyes. The ceremony was beautiful and intimate and oh so special. Please join Josh Wallace Photography in congratulating these newlyweds Alyssa and Steven! 


Krista + Chad - A Snowy Pinecrest Engagement

June 01, 2020  •  4 Comments

Being in love with your best friend is one of the greatest gifts that anyone can experience in life. Krista and Chad have the kind of love that brings joy and laughter wherever they go and will bring a smile to anyone's face. In the cold and snowy winter early in the year we met up with them at Pinecrest Lake to capture their engagement photos. This was a familiar location to us, we absolutely love spending family time in Pinecrest hiking and enjoying the lake; however, it was our first time photographing in the snow so it was like a whole new world for us! It was cold and the ice was slippery and as we meandered through the trees we had the best time filled with laughter, jokes, silly faces, as well as loving and intimate moments that we captured of Krista and Chad. We wish them a life filled with these moments of happiness, we truly hope that they hold onto that feeling and never let it go! Please join Josh Wallace Photography in congratulating Krista and Chad on their engagement, we cannot wait to celebrate their wedding day with them!

Clinton + Elizabeth - Monterey California Beach Front Wedding - Josh Wallace Photography

March 09, 2020  •  4 Comments

It is such a beautiful thing to be able to capture young love, in its pure form this love glows and radiates for miles and miles. It was, without a doubt, the type of love that Clinton and Elizabeth graced us with as we photographed both the celebration of their engagement as well as their wedding day. We met with Clinton and Elizabeth at Knights Ferry Recreational Park which is one of our favorite locations to photograph family and engagement portraits because of the history of the town and the vast landscape that is has. We walked together with them along the trails and through the fields alongside the Stanislaus River capturing their love and excitement along the way. Their natural affection for one another made photographing their engagement session quite a pleasure and so much fun!


In August, we drove to the California Coast to another one of our favorite places, Monterey. The weather was perfect for a beach front wedding that day, the sun was shining but there were overcast clouds and a light breeze that swept the ocean scent across the venue at the Monterey Tides Hotel. Clinton and Elizabeth took their vows on the beach in front of friends and family overlooking the Pacific Ocean, it was a beautiful sight. We ended the evening walking along the beach with them capturing their love and the excitement of just having committed their lives to one another. Please join Josh Wallace Photography in congratulating these two amazing human beings!


April + Ted - A Beautiful Summer Lower Yosemite Falls Wedding - Josh Wallace Photography

March 03, 2020  •  3 Comments

The mountains are like our home away from home and it was a blessing that April & Ted had such a connection with them as well. In the Summer of 2019 we met April & Ted in Calaveras Big Trees State Park located in the middle elevation of the Sierra Nevada among the giant sequoia trees to capture their love and to celebrate their engagement. April & Ted showed us their spunky personalities and their zest for life as we meandered through the state park capturing some photos. 

The following month we drove a few hours to a location that takes up a special place in our hearts, Yosemite National Park. Located in the Sierra Nevada as well, with breathtaking views and spectacular waterfalls, this location is magical and a great choice for nuptials. April & Ted were surrounded by their friends and family as we walked up the Lower Yosemite Falls Trail to their ceremony location. At the base of Lower Yosemite Falls, neighboring a creek side, Ted awaited his bride. The two shared intimate vows before family, friends, and before God. Following the ceremony we utilized the beautiful scenery to capture some family photos as well as some portraits of just the bride and groom. With Yosemite's grand backdrops we couldn't resist visiting Half Dome to get some unforgettable portraits there as well. We greatly enjoyed working with April and Ted and wish them nothing but happiness in their coming years of marriage and life together. Please join Josh Wallace Photography in congratulating this beautiful couple!


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